In 2012 we met each other for the first time. Joost Bruggeman, Jeffrey de Jong and Xander Veenhof. The three of us were busy,  seperatly,  with innovations and developments in the field of surgery.  Two of us   had their traineeship and one was already surgeon for 3 years. The plan was combining our surgical brain power and working together in our new company called  SurgicalBrainbox. 

Our invidvidual projects were so time consuming, that this joint venture  wasn't working properly,  though our friendship is still there.

Joost Bruggeman is nowdays  CEO of his own company  Siilo, www.siilo.com  , with  their app for  secure medical Messenger.

Xander Veenhof is  surgeon and his innovation the bowel perfusionmeter, too perform a bowel anastomoses on a safe and predictable way, is in his last phase.

I ( Jeffrey de Jong) am  still owner of the company named SurgicalBrainbox and senior  surgeon at www.chirurgennoordwest.nl  in The Netherlands.

Meanwhile I have extensive experience with patents and to get in contact with the big commercial surgical related companies in a safe way for surgical inventors.