The Jeff, a fine surgical forceps with an extra

The Jeff is developed for closing the fascia opening of the troicart ports. 

You can perform this in a safe,simple and easy way.

Laser treatment of transsphincteric peri-anal fistula.

In 2007 I did develop the idea, to use to laser probe of the endovenous treatment set,  to treat the transsphincteric peri-anal fistula. After a pilot study done by a group abroad, which shows the safety of this procedure, I did start in 2010 with the use of this laser probe for this purpose.  The Follow up time is yet 9 years and the results are good. Meanwhile multiple worldwide studies validate this  laser treatment  for transsphincteric peri-anal fistula. It is a safe and very valuable addition to the other treatments.

Now days I combine the laser treatment of the fistula with an advanced mucosa-plasty.


Your own innovation 

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