The Jeff, a fine surgical forceps with an extra

The Jeff is developed for closing the fascia opening of the troicart ports. 

You can perform this in a safe,simple and easy way.

Laser treatment of transsphincteric peri-anal fistula.

In 2007 Jeffrey developed the idea of using an endovenous laser probe to treat  transsphincteric peri-anal fistula. After an international pilot study demonstrated its safety, Jeffrey adopted the procedure as a standard part of his treatment in 2010. Since then this procedure has shown excellent results and this has been further validated by multiple international studies. The laser treatment of transsphincteric peri-anal fistula is a safe and valuable addition to existing treatments

Jeffrey now combines laser treatment of fistula with advanced mucosa-plasty

Your own innovation 

Many people have innovative ideas to advance surgical practice., but they remain as ideas. They are unaware of how to develop them further and take them to production. We can assist. Surgicalbrainbox has extensive experience in registering patents and working with commercial companies to develop new  surgical products.

Surgicalbrainbox can make your idea a reality

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